Wish List

How You Can Help

With a goal to outfit 1000+ first responders with a Keep Calm Sensory Kit, minimally $75,000 of financial support is needed.   Sponsoring at any level, supporting first responders and helping in the financial purchasing of the Keep Calm Sensory Kits will help reduce the strain on already tight budgets within departments. Through your support we can raise the funds needed to help the first responders and provide them with critical tools to safely do their job caring for specific populations. Together, we can start to close this gap and improve the safety and lives of all those impacted by these kits.

 There are two different ways that you can get involved: 

1. Purchase an item off of the Keep Calm Sensory Kit wish list.  All items will be used to create new kits for First Responders. 

Keep Calm Sensory Kit Wish List

2. Sponsor a local First Responder by purchasing a Keep Calm Sensory Kit for them. 


Sponsor a First Responder by donating a Keep Calm Sensory Kit.