Life on the Roller Coaster workshops and coaching

Raising a child with special needs or behavioral challenges can often be an adventure you didn't sign up for. If you are like many parents, you feel like you are strapped into a roller coaster traveling backwards with no brakes, going G force speed and hitting corkscrews every few feet.  Your head is spinning. You feel out of control, and you never know what to expect or what is around the next corner. 

At night you sit alone, afraid and uncertain for the future.  You don't know what you are doing wrong or right. You wish there was a instructional manual to your child. Everyone seems to know what is best for your child and have unsolicited advice. You feel lost, ashamed and overwhelmed with no end in sight. 

What I want you to know, is that you are NOT going through this alone. As a mother of two children with mental health challenges, one of which has special needs, I have been in your shoes, felt hopeless, lost and overwhelmed. I used to struggle with my youngest son's behavior. I thought it was all my fault.  Then I discovered some very important lessons that changed all of that. Lessons that I want to share with YOU through hands-on coaching and support! Together we will design your child's instructional manual and set your family up for success.

There are two ways that you can participate in coaching. Small groups and individual.  The path you choose is up to you. 

1. Participate in a small group virtual workshop series

2. Book your individual coaching session today! 

  • 30 minute coaching (1:1 parent or 1:2 parents)
  • 60 minute coaching (1:1 parent or 1:2 parents)
  • Sensory Theraplay with coaching (30 minutes) Child and Adult
  • Sensory Theraplay with coaching (60 minutes) Child and Adult

Goals of coaching

  • Discover how to work WITH your child
  • Learn how to be Proactive and not reactive
  • Write your child's instructional manual
  • Create coping mechanisms for yourself
  • Uncover self-love and self-care strategies
  • Learn how to fill your love cup up first


Trainer: Courtney Willegal

* Masters in Clinical Professional Counseling

* Certified Life Coach

* Mother of two with mental health diagnoses. 1 has special needs. 

* Author of the book: Responding to the Invisible Child