Keep Calm Sensory Zone FAQ's

What is the Sensory Zone?

The Sensory Zone is a brand-new family focused sensory gym. This is an inclusive environment for families with varying experiences to connect with each other and be connected to internal and external resources/support for their family.  


What is offered at the Sensory Zone 

  • Sensory Reduced Rooms 

  • Sensory Gym  

  • Toddler Area 

  • Family, Youth, Teen Programming 

  • Family Events  

   What are the hours/days of operation 

    • Tuesday-Friday hours are: 10am - 7pm 

    • Saturday hours are: 10am - 6pm  

    • Sunday hours are: 11am - 4pm 

    • *hours are subject to change for programming purposes*  

     What is the pricing for the Sensory Zone 

    • Day Pass price is $20 per child 

    • See pricing guide for punch passes and monthly membership  

    • 1:1 support is $15 per time slot  

    • Small Group support is $10 per time slot per child  

    • Events and programming will have the cost stated at the time of registration; cost may be for both parents and children.  


    Types of support:  

    • Toddler area - all toddlers must be supervised at all times. If you need to step away please check the 5-minute protocol. One staff member is unable to look after more than 2 toddlers at a time. 

    •  1:1 support: On Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3:45pm and 6:45pm registration is open for 1:1 support. There is a fee for this please see “pricing” below. We may have a limited amount of 1:1 support therefore if your child needs 1:1 support and we aren’t currently able to fill that we request that you stay with your child the entirety of being at the Sensory Zone (5 minute protocol can be used). We also do not provide 1:1 support for the toddler area. While using the 1:1 support parents are able to use the Parent Zone. Time limit for 1:1 support is up to 45 minutes. At any time your child/ren may be required to have 1:1 support as determined by the CEO and/or Program Director.  



    • Small Group Support: On Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3:45pm and 6:45pm registration is open for small group support. There is a fee for this. Please see “pricing” below. This is for children who do not need 1:1 support and allows parents to use the Parent Zone. Groups will be less than 4 children and the children will be placed in a group decided by Sensory Zone staff. We do not provide minimal support for any space other than the Sensory Gym. Time limit for minimal support is up to 45 minutes. At any time your child/ren may be required to have 1:1 support as determined by the CEO and/or Program Director.  


    • Parent Zone: Our first priority is encouraging parents and children to interact with one another within the Sensory Zone. The Parent Zone is a space only to be utilized by parents/guardians to relax. Attendees of the Parent Zone must sign up their child/ren for small group support or 1:1 support to be able to use the Parent Zone. The Parent Zone is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm – 7pm (hours subject to change based on staff/volunteers). 


    Protocols to follow 

    • Sensory Room protocol: All child/ren using a Sensory Room must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/staff. No more than two families at a time should be in one sensory room. If the door to the sensory room is closed please do not enter that room as a child/family may need a quiet room with less people 


    • 5 minute protocol: If you need to step out of the room for an emergency call, bathroom etc. we ask that you keep it to 5 minutes and you let a Sensory Zone employee know when you leave and once you return. Please keep in mind that if the employee is attending to a child that needs 1:1 support or you are requesting 1:1 support there may be a short wait time if they are currently supervising other child/ren.  


    • Bathroom protocol: Please walk children to the bathroom to ensure they are supervised. There is a communal bathroom the Sensory Zone shares with the rest of the building and a hallway that leads outside of the building that is unsupervised by Sensory Zone employees.  


    Sensory Zone FAQ  
    1.Can I leave my child at the Sensory Zone unattended 
    •  Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian who is 18 or older with them. Only a parent/guardian can sign the waiver - this can be done online and prior to attending if the person bringing the child is not the parent/guardian. 
    2, What if I have a toddler and a school age child? Which part of the Sensory Zone can be used and can I only be in one area?  
      •  The Sensory Gym is a great space for everyone. We would prefer to have younger children in the gym than older children within the toddler area.  
      3. If I bring more than one child by myself and one of the children needs to use the bathroom can I leave the others unattended? 
      • We have a 5-minute protocol which can be used during this time. We ask that you communicate with staff/volunteers within the area to ensure that your other children are being supervised.  

      4. If I, as the parent/guardian, needs to use the restroom, is there someone able to watch my child or can they be left unattended? 
      • We have a 5-minute protocol which can be used during this time. We ask that you communicate with staff/volunteers within the area to ensure that your child/ren are being supervised.  
      5.   What type of payment is currently accepted? 
      • Out of pocket 

      • CLTS (Children’s Long Term Support Waiver) We currently have a partnership with CLTS for our fidgets and sensory equipment. More information on CLTS for the Sensory Zone coming soon. 

      6. Are all kids welcome at the Sensory Zone/what is the criteria for going to the Sensory Zone?  

      • There  are no specific criteria. While we are geared towards assisting families who have children with mental health challenges and/or disabilities, we understand that families may be going through evaluation processes and may not have any diagnoses and/or their child does not meet the criteria for a diagnosis, but the family is looking for extra support.  

       7. Would there be any reason a child would be asked to leave the Sensory Zone? 

      • Parents know their child best. We expect parents to be transparent about the needs of their child so that Sensory Zone staff/volunteers are able to best support families. Any incident (verbal, physical, etc.) will be reviewed on a case by case basis and we will work with families on solutions. Depending on the severity of the incident any child/ren may be asked to leave the Sensory Zone.  

       8. What about 18+ (young adult) and supervision? 

      • If you have a child that is a young adult (18 - 21) and you believe they could benefit from any part of the Sensory Zone and they are independent they are able to attend the Sensory Zone without a parent/guardian. If they need extra support they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/support staff.  

       9. Do you sell guest passes for someone not within the family to come? Such as grandparents to assist with children.  

      • Our pricing structure is based on the child having the day pass or monthly membership. There is no fee for parents/guardians (people 18+ who are supervising the child) to attend the Sensory Zone. The only fee for parents/guardians would be if they are attending an event or program. If a child has a monthly membership/day pass and wants to bring a friend (another child) that other child will need to purchase a day pass and/or pay a fee to attend an event or program.  

        10. Can my toddler be in the Sensory Gym with a parent/guardian? 

      • The toddler area is the best area for ages 4 and under however we understand that if you have children who utilize the Sensory Gym as well that in order to provide supervision to all children it may be needed to have the parent/guardian bring the toddler into the Sensory Gym. It is up to the parent/guardian to supervise the toddler. 

        11. Check-in/Registration  

      • Please download our app to make purchases day pass/monthly membership/registration for programming or events. Our app, Keep Calm Sensory Zone, is found on the Android or iPhone app store. You will then be able to scan your app at our front desk to check-in. If you have not signed our liability or are looking for a day pass for a guest we will have liability forms at the front desk.  

       12. What programming is being offered? 

      • Our app will have the most current and up to date programs that are being offered. Our app, Keep Calm Sensory Zone, is found on the Android or iPhone app store. At this time we are not offering any Parents Night Out or other programming where parents are able to leave the building.