Meet the staff

These amazing people can't wait to help you and your family thrive and have the best time at community events and the Keep Calm Sensory Zone.


Meet Courtney & Sean - Founders of Keep Calm Tool Kits 

  • Courtney Willegal - CEO | Owner      


  • Sean Feuquay: Fidget Tester | Owner

Courtney is the mother of two boys (11 and 14) who are both living and thriving with multiple mental health disorders.  She has a Masters in Clinical Professional Counseling, certified Life Coach and specializes in crisis counseling.  She is the author of a tactical response book for first responders, trainer and advocate for pediatric mental health. She is the CEO of Calming Kids Foundation and the co-owner of Keep Calm Tool Kits with her 11-year-old son Sean (He has 4 diagnosed mental health disorders). Courtney is passionate about providing families the support and resources that her family missed out on when Sean was younger and ensuring that no family has to struggle the way her family struggles raising Sean.  She can't wait to be able to provide families with the a fun family activity center they can go to, community resources, fidgets and sensory tools and coaching needed for their family to thrive.

Sean is a spirited 11-year-old boy whose dream became a reality 4 years ago when he decided that everyone should have access to the fidgets and sensory tools he uses.  He loves driving around in the company mobile sensory rig (retired ambulance). When he isn't helping with the family business or in school, Sean LOVES taking care of hos frogs and toads and designing the next best haunted house. 

Fun things about Courtney

  • Favorite Season = Fall
  • Favorite music to listen to = Jimmy Buffett
  • Own pets = Yes! a Labrador, a bearded dragon, few fish and tons of frogs and toads. 
  • Favorite vacation spot = Warm sunny beach
  • Hobbies/Interests = Finding new trails to explore with my kids

 Fun things about Sean

  • Favorite Season = Halloween!!!
  • Favorite music to listen to = Cocea frogs on Alexa
  • Own pets = Lots and Lots of toads and frogs!
  • Favorite vacation spot = Spirit Halloween!
  • Hobbies/Interests = taking pictures of frogs and toads, catching frogs and toads, designing Halloween haunted houses


Meet Amanda Alvarez (Special Events Coordinator) 



Fun things about Amanda

  • Favorite Season = Fall
  • Favorite music to listen to = 90's music
  • Own pets = 1 dog names Luke
  • Favorite vacation spot = anywhere with a pool!
  • Hobbies/Interests = reading, crocheting, movies


Meet Mike Cowan (Impressions Coordinator)




Fun things about Amanda

  • Favorite Season = 
  • Favorite music to listen to = 
  • Own pets = 
  • Favorite vacation spot = 
  • Hobbies/Interests =