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Donna: As an adult fidgeter, my favorite is the Geo Twister! My adult son was able to make the Spin Cube spin and rotate either by the blue or red, very cool. My grand-fidgeters liked all of them and especially the Gear Building set-they’ve made some wonderful creations. Half of my order is being shipped to California. My daughter and her family are moving back to the East Coast and I thought they would be perfect for the plane ride. I shipped them to her yesterday.

Thank you Courtney for the good work you do on behalf of the brave men and women in blue. You are at the beginning of an amazing journey.

 Office Shifflet (Cumberland Valley Police)

I got my kit and used it on a traffic accident for a kid, it was a big help. Thanks again, Shifflet 

 Kurt E. Althouse Police Chief (City of Vandalia, Ohio)

I want to express my sincere appreciation to you and your organization, The Invisible Child, for the donated bag of activity items that can be utilized to connect to those individuals who may have Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome and may have contact with our officers and staff members.  The items compiled and contributed are useful and beneficial in occupying and focusing the individual during a contact with the police so it reduces the tension or apprehension of the interaction.  These items will be placed in a supervisor’s patrol vehicle to be utilized as needed during these contacts. 
We appreciate your endeavors to support our efforts in connecting with these individuals with special needs and making our interactions a positive encounter.

 Jessica, EMT, Wisconsin

 “As an EMT, I am trained to help during medical emergencies.  During this pandemic I have seen a lot more patients needing transport that are stressed, worried, or agitated. The normal calming strategies I have been taught have not been useful. Since getting the Keep Calm Sensory Kit, I have been able to help the patients calm down naturally and divert their focus to something else. The calming bottle has been instrumental in helping lower their blood pressure and reduce their stress.  The fidgets have also been important when working with those special need’s populations.  All rigs should be outfitted with one of these kits. This kit has made a difference in how we respond.”