Why invest in Keep Calm Tools Kits

Sensory Tool Kits 

We all know kids who can’t quite sit still, cope with their emotions, calm down when overwhelmed/stressed, or focus on the task at hand. They may appear:

  • Fidgety and get into everything
  • Anxious as they bite their nails or pick at things
  • Moody, angry, temperamental, tearful
  • Absentminded / forgetful
  • Restless and hyperactive
  • Impulsive and not in control of their actions/reactions

Children face various challenges and situations growing up that require them to self-regulate, cope and adapt.  This can be very challenging for some children, especially those who have been diagnosed/live with a Mental Health Disorder (ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, etc.).

Imagine living your life where your senses are in overdrive and you can not distinguish between the signals coming into your brain through your body

No matter the mental health of the child or the situation, many children need external support to be able to self-regulate, calm down and cope with day to day emotions. This support can come from fidgets, mindfulness activities, breathing and visualization exercises to yoga and active play. Tools such as fidgets and other hand-held resources can help a child

  • self-regulate
  • pay attention and focus
  • calm down anxiety
  • manage stress and worry
  • channel their extra energy
  • settle restlessness
  • listen and concentrate

Every child is different in how they handle stress, emotional regulation and coping.  What one child may need can be different than what another child may need. Those needs can also change depending on their emotions and the situation at that time.  The fidgets/tools the child will need will be different as well depending on the circumstances of that moment.

How do you as a parent pick what is needed for your child in every moment and ensure that you have all the tools/fidgets to help them thrive?

The Keep Calm Tool Kit has been designed to help children cope with their emotions, self-regulate, manage stress and help with restlessness, by providing them with new and exciting fidgets, resources and tools on a monthly basis. Each tool/resource in the Keep Calm Tool Kit was hand selected, tested and chosen by children just like yours who need the extra support.