Large sensory space

Large sensory space

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Space isn't an issue for your zen den space. This zen den space package is full of the tools and sensory items you will need for the most calming space. Perfect for a few children to use all at one. 

Weighted stuffed animal 

Aromatherapy machine with 2 scent pods

Large optic lights (5+ feet long)

Starry projector light 

Fuzzy rug 

Write on/erasable boards

2 Bean bag chairs 

2 Noise cancelling headphones

Deck of activity cards

Breathe activity board

Massage roller

12 Hexagon touch lights

Round tunnel light 

Bubble tube (about 2.5 ft tall)

Hammock chair

Black out tent

Vibrating pillow

2 Body socks (one small, one large)

Big cheese

Expanding ball 

Geo twister

Pop-it Tetris 


DNA ball

Ooey gooey starfish 

Rainbow puzzle

Sensory activity kit

Colored ball spinner

2 Color liquid dripping timer

Cube timer 

Frazzle ball

Busy cube

Pop-it spinner ball

Color changing morph ball

Sensory brush 

Pin Art 

Sensory bottle 



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