Mission Statement

Our mission is to help families and communities thrive through sensory play, education and coaching.

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Meet Our Founders

Kid Tested - Kid Approved!

We are excited to say that every fidget and resource put in the Keep Calm Tool Kit has been kid tested, kid approved and had to withstand the constant, hard use that my son would put the fidget through in order to get his stamp of approval. Sean is beyond excited to share his tool kit with other children just like him who need a little extra support to get through the day.  He wants all kids to have access to the same resources that he loves and uses. 

Classroom Keep Calm Fidget Kit

Children LOVE to fidget and can often need help staying focused during the school day. Help your children be successful in school by adding a Classroom Keep Calm Fidget Kit to your resource library! Each kit is full of 15 fidgets, a wiggle seat, noise cancelling headphones and enriched with 32 activity cards on mindfulness, grounding, coping strategies and other amazing activities.

Kits will be avaliable for purchase Summer 2022.

$100 per kit

First Responder Tools and Trainings


Obtain detailed strategies for recognizing and interacting with children who are developing differently and living with mental health disorders. Gain insight into their daily life, discover how to recognize behaviors associated with their mental health, and receive detailed tips to developing the appropriate response relevant to that child and situation.

Details on the trainings available can be found under First Responder Resources.

Director of Product Selection & Co-Founder - Sean

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